United Against Human Trafficking

Through yoga, you can help rescue and rehabilitate survivors of human trafficking.

Calling all yoga teachers, yoga enthusiasts, or first- time yoga participants! Any and everyone can make a difference.

Roll out your mat in support of Yoga Stops Traffick as an act of Dharma. Yoga Stops Traffick is a worldwide campaign uniting yoga practitioners across the globe to take a stand against human trafficking. You can take part by running a donation-based class with your yoga studio, putting together a community event, or doing yoga in your own home. The funds raised help support survivors of human trafficking in South India.

We are calling on yoga businesses, from Milton Keynes to Wyoming from city studios to beachside retreats to unite and support trafficked women and children in South India. From downward facing dogs to crow pose, yoga is a universal language that speaks to us all. Give young survivors their voice and freedom through supporting our annual yoga initiative.

Our movement is for teachers, breath work practitioners, studio owners, yogis and retailers alike.

Since 2010, Yoga Stops Traffick has raised over £250,000 to support the Odanadi Seva Trust, a pioneering anti-trafficking organisation based in Mysore, South India. Odanadi works for the rescue, rehabilitation and reintegration of trafficked women and children. For more than 30 years Odanadi has been committed to providing a safe haven for survivors of human trafficking, sexual exploitation, slavery and domestic abuse

Take Part

Find out how you can join Yoga Stops Traffick and help the fight against human trafficking.


Find a Yoga Stops Traffick event near you.


We are extremely grateful for every donation we receive and every penny makes a real difference

 “I was completely broken, it was a hell kind of situation I witnessed every single second. I am feeling so happy for bringing me back to lead a dignified life. Thank you for being the reason to smile, I stay in Odanadi and continue my education. My gratitude to Odanadi and supporters of Yoga Stops Traffick.”

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