Gunn Haglund -Oslo Yoga

I’m Gunn Haglund, a full time yoga instructor at Oslo Yoga in Norway. I am proud of Yoga Stops Traffick and The Odanadi Trust, and happy to help get yoga studios in Scandinavia involved in this meaningful fundraising campaign. I plan to travel in magical India and visit Odanadi in 2020. I am based in Oslo, but arrange yoga retreats in Italy and silent retreats at my farm in South Sweden. To get in touch contact me via

Karla -YST 2020 Australia & New Zealand Representative

Hi, I am Karla. I started my connection with Odanadi when I was fortunate enough to visit the centre in Mysore in 2018 when travelling through India. I was so touched by the amazing work being undertaken I had to share the story with fellow Australians and help support the cause. I look forward to Australia and New Zealand expanding their events this year. If you are looking to get involved in Australia or New Zealand do contact me at: [email protected]

Lorena Bouras -Mexico Representative

My name is Lorena Bouras, I am mexican and I love everything about wellness and living a healthy lifestyle. I am a yoga teacher; I’ve been practicing yoga for 12 years and have been giving yoga classes for the last 3 and a half years after completing my Vinyasa Yoga certification. Also, I am very into meditation and I also give meditation classes. I am also a Health Coach and I love helping people live a healthier lifestyle through private online sessions and workshops. I’m excited to help more studios in Mexico get involved with Yoga Stops Traffick!
Instagram: naturalmentebasico Facebook: Naturalmente Básico

Andrea Megale

An architect who left everything behind to embrace the Yoga path and teaching. Ashtangi, yogini, wife, pet’s mom, and rescuer. Instagram @andreamegaleyoga

Davin Jones

A 500 E-RYT teacher, his teachings are from the traditions of Hatha, Ashtanga and Iyengar Yoga. Davin combines these styles to create classes which can be challenging on occasion, with the awareness to adapt the practice to different levels of practitioners. With a deep love of functional anatomy, Davin guides classes with clear instruction on posture alignment to allow the practitioner to create a fundamental understanding of the physical body. His classes are known to be vinyasa based with dynamic flows through the postures and longer holds to create depth and deeper understanding of the practice. Davin has a liking to say the least for inversions and arm balancing. Having led workshops, retreats and teacher training courses worldwide, he’s developed techniques to guide practitioners of all levels to safely bring these postures into their yoga practice. Instagram @davjonesyoga

Adam Keen

Adam Keen has spent many years learning and practicing Ashtanga yoga in Mysore and developed an affinity with its people since his first visit in 2006. Having gained so much from the city, both personally and professionally, he felt the deep wish to give something back. Yoga Stops Traffick provides a wonderful opportunity to use yoga for the benefit of others. This feels especially pertinent in the city from which modern yoga originated. Adam teaches Ashtanga yoga in Europe and worldwide attempting to convey the practical application of the teaching for the individual in daily life. He teaches a monthly donation class for Yoga Stops Traffick as well as highlighting and promoting the cause in any way he can. You can find him at, IG @adam_keen_ashtanga, Facebook @adamkeen

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