12th March 2023: Hibnes Yoga, Norway

Join a quiet yoga class to raise money for Yoga Stop Traffick: 6pm on Sunday 12th March 2023.

Donation-based. You pay what you want to give in support of Yoga Stop Traffick. Duration 60min. The yoga class is suitable both for those who have done yoga before and for beginners. According to the UN, 50 million people lived as modern slaves last year. South Asia is one of the strongest growing regions in human trafficking. It is believed that 135,000 children in India are trafficked each year. Join Yoga to raise awareness of and support for anti-trafficking purposes. All proceeds go to Odanadi Seva Trust, based in Mysore, India. Odanadi works for the rescue, rehabilitation and reintegration of women and children subjected to human trafficking. Of course, I work for free on this day.

Book on Brit’s class here: Schedule and class description – Hibnes Yoga Website: Hibnes Yoga

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