Odanadi Beauty Training

With your support we can help fund training in beauty skills for young women in 2024 – listen to Deepa as she tells you why this is so vital and read further information below about the crucial role this training plays in helping survivors of human trafficking to live independent lives…

Hear from Deepa, training instructor at the Odanadi Beauty training centre

Empowering Survivors: The Crucial Role of Employment and Training for Human Trafficking Survivors in India

Human trafficking is a grave violation of human rights, affecting millions of people worldwide. In India, this issue persists as a significant social challenge, with countless individuals falling victim to exploitation and modern-day slavery. Rescuing survivors from the clutches of traffickers is just the first step; empowering them to rebuild their lives is equally crucial. One key aspect of this empowerment is ensuring survivors have access to employment and training opportunities.

Restoration of Dignity and Autonomy:

One of the most damaging consequences of human trafficking is the profound loss of dignity and autonomy experienced by survivors. Employment and training programs provide survivors with the means to regain control over their lives. By acquiring new skills and engaging in gainful employment, survivors can rebuild their sense of self-worth and autonomy, fostering a crucial step toward psychological healing.

Breaking the Cycle of Vulnerability:

Without adequate support, survivors often find themselves trapped in a cycle of vulnerability, susceptible to re-exploitation. Employment and training act as powerful tools to break this cycle. By gaining skills and securing employment, survivors can achieve financial independence, reducing their susceptibility to coercion and exploitation.

Integration into Society:

Survivors of human trafficking often face societal stigma and ostracization, making reintegration a challenging process. Employment and training programs facilitate the reintegration of survivors into society by providing them with a sense of purpose and belonging. Meaningful employment not only contributes to economic stability but also helps survivors establish positive connections within their communities.

Building Resilience:

Recovering from the trauma of human trafficking requires resilience. Employment and training contribute significantly to this process by fostering a sense of accomplishment and self-efficacy. As survivors overcome challenges in the workplace and acquire new skills, they build the emotional strength needed to overcome the lasting effects of their traumatic experiences.

Empowering Women and Girls:

Human trafficking disproportionately affects women and girls. Providing employment and training opportunities is a crucial step in empowering them. It allows survivors to challenge traditional gender roles, fostering a sense of independence and agency. This empowerment contributes to broader efforts for gender equality in India.

Contributing to Economic Development:

By investing in the employment and training of survivors, India can harness the untapped potential of a resilient workforce. These individuals, once victims, can become contributors to the nation’s economic development. The skills they acquire not only benefit them individually but also contribute to the growth of industries and communities.

Our Indian charity partner, Odanadi, aims to provide survivors with the necessary tools to rebuild their lives and face mainstream society as strong, confident, empowered individuals. In addition to providing education, giving access to training and employment opportunities is key to empowering survivors to live independent lives. Residents at Odanadi are provided with vocational training opportunities through Odanadi’s own bakery school, mechanics workshop and beautician training.
Our aim in this year’s Christmas Big Give is to raise funds to enable 25 young people to train in beauty, baking and mechanical skills so that they can gain professional skills as well as be provided with equipment kits needed for them to begin their own career journey.
If we can raise £2,300 online between midday on Tuesday 28 November and midday on 5 December all these donations will be matched, which means every donation has double the impact – and we raise a total of £4,600 for Odanadi. If you are able to support the campaign this year with a donation (of any amount), we know Odanadi will be so thankful for your support. And if it isn’t possible to donate more, there will be many ways to share the campaign which makes a huge difference for us as well.

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