Siobhan, CEO of Adventure Ashram, interviewed for The Charity CEO Podcast

Siobhan, the CEO of the charity Adventure Ashram, was recently interviewed for the Charity CEO Podcast, released 6th Feb 2023. Adventure Ashram manages the Yoga Stops Traffick campaign.

Siobhan and Dhivya, creator of the Charity CEO Podcast and fellow charity CEO, talked about the value of small charities and the important role they play in our communities, as well as discussed the incredible work of Adventure Ashram’s partner charities in India. Adventure Ashram may be small, but it is mighty! And through a collection of campaigns including #YogaStopsTraffick, the charity seeks to raise thousands of pounds each year to support grassroots charity projects in India. These include the Odanadi Seva Trust which supports women and children who have experienced situations of human trafficking, sexual exploitation, domestic servitude, forced begging and domestic abuse.

Adventure Ashram’s Vision is a world without injustice, in which all people can enjoy their rights, their self-determination and their freedom. During the interview Siobhan talks about Adventure Ashram’s partnership delivery model, and mobilising for the iconic Yoga Stops Traffick global event, with a tiny team, showcasing the power of collective action.

Siobhan also sounds a rallying cry for the value and importance of small charities, with a reminder that all charities, no matter how large or small, are made up of a community of people who care deeply about a cause, and this, is what makes them powerful change-makers.

Interviews like this are a fantastic opportunity for us to share Adventure Ashram’s story with a wider audience – we thank Dhivya for her interest in our work and that of our partner charities in India.

Ranked #1 in Apple’s Nonprofit Podcast Category, the show aims to inspire, inform and deliver practical insights on the challenges facing charity leaders today. Featuring candid, meaningful conversations that really get beneath the surface of issues. For the benefit of leaders across the sector and for those who care about the important work of charities and non-profit organisations.

Please do listen to The Charity CEO Podcast

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