How your support changes lives: Kavana’s story

Kavana had not been in contact with her family since she was very small and was raised by neighbours for most of her childhood. At 16 years old she was working and living on a farm in Karnataka, South India. One of the other farmworkers recognised Kavana’s vulnerable situation and began to groom her and slowly gain her trust.

The farmworker invited Kavana to join him at another working farm where they then lived and worked together. Isolated from the other labourers and removed from her familiar surroundings, Kavana was sexually abused and physically harassed on numerous occasions during this time. Despite being threatened to remain silent, in desperation Kavana approached the farm’s owner for help.

Our charity partner, Odanadi, worked alongside the local authorities to rescue Kavana and arrest her abuser. Kavana now lives at Odanadi’s girl’s safe house where she has access to legal and therapeutic support. Kavana has also restarted her education, learning to read and write as well as embarking on her vocational training at Odanadi’s beautician’s training centre.

We are incredibly proud to support the life changing work of our charity partner, Odanadi. At Odanadi’s safe houses for women and children affected by human trafficking and sexual abuse, the young residents are provided with the support they need to heal and rebuild their lives including access to education and further training opportunities.

Many of the young people at Odanadi have gone on to study at university and follow their dreams becoming lawyers, journalists, social workers, entrepreneurs, mechanics, beauticians, videographers and more.

To help transform the lives of young survivors of sexual abuse and human trafficking, please consider making a donation here.

*Please note that Kavana’s name has been changed and is not pictured to protect her identity

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