5 Minutes with Leonie from M Life

This next blog features Leonie Ellyatt, founder of M Life. M Life’s values are inspired by Leonie’s grandmother who courageously protested against the cutting down of a centuries-old indigenous tree. Leonie now carries on her grandmother’s legacy, creating beautiful and sustainable products to support the wellbeing of others and flying the flag for eco-friendly craftsmanship. We’re excited to hear more about Leonie’s story, her values and connection to Yoga Stops Traffick! 

We hope you enjoy spending 5 minutes with Leonie!

Is there a person or group of people that has had a significant impact on your life and has led you to where you are today?

I founded M Life, which is dedicated to my wonderful grandmother and everything she stood for. Rana was a progressive woman, she fought to preserve the world around her while ensuring others were conscious of the mark they made. Rana has since passed away, but what she believed in has not. Her values and dedication are at the heart of the M Life brand today.

After a successful career in owning and running One On One, a personal training studio in Notting Hill, I embarked on a mission to support others on their wellbeing journeys while advocating for sustainable craftsmanship.  

Is there a significant theme, belief or value that brings your community together?

I believe that by being kind to yourself you are more likely to spread kindness to those around you and the planet Earth. Selfcare, moving around the world mindfully and with compassion, is our underlying theme in everything we do at M Life. 

Has the pandemic changed your view of the role of community in your life or in relation to your business?

The community has always been at the heart of M Life. The pandemic has shown that even if we are unable to be together physically, we can stay connected and support one another via digital channels. Just like many, we discovered the power of connecting with other local businesses. In the past year, we have collaborated with several wonderful creators and brands to keep the spirit of our community strong. 

How do you stay connected with your fellow community members? How has the pandemic changed the ways in which you stay connected?

Digital has been at the forefront of bringing our community together in the last couple of years. Nevertheless, we are excited to see the community get back together in person. We have missed face to face interactions, the excitement of events and the buzz of festivals.

What accomplishment are you most proud and what role did your support network play in helping you achieve it? 

I am proud that M Life is in the position to give something back and support YST. My grandmother would be very proud and impressed about the amazing work YST is achieving in supporting women and their children on their journey to a new life.

Finally, we’d like to say a huge thank you to you for supporting YST 2022! Do you have a message for everyone taking part in Yoga Stops Traffick next March?

We are honored to contribute to the cause of YST. When working together we can move mountains. 

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