How Your Support Changes Lives: Swathi’s Story

Our Indian grassroots partner, Odanadi, recently played a crucial role in the rescue of a young girl from the hands of trafficking criminals. Swathi is 15 years old and was living with her mother in a remote village in North Karnataka when she was targeted by human trafficking criminals. After her father died in an accident, Swathi’s family faced significant financial hardship. Her mother became the family’s sole breadwinner as well as carer for Swathi’s paralyzed grandmother. Swathi dropped out of school to help at home and care for her grandmother.

A young man and an older woman befriended Swathi and started to spend time together. After the young man gained Swathi’s trust, he sexually exploited and later blackmailed her with a nude video. Under the threat of the video being shared if she did not comply, Swathi was forced into sex slavery and exploited by the criminals.

Odanadi received information regarding Swathi’s situation and in a joint operation conducted by Odanadi’s rescue team, Karnataka State Commission for Protection of Child Rights and the local police force, successfully rescued Swathi and arrested the trafficking criminals.

The funds raised from Yoga Stops Traffick support the work of our charity partner, Odanadi, to rescue and rehabilitate survivors of human trafficking and help run two safe houses for women and children fleeing violence in Mysore, India. If you would like to be a part of YST 2022, please email [email protected] or find more information here.

*Please note Swathi’s name has been changed and is not pictured to protect her identity.

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