TillyLou’s 5 Top Tips for Self Care

TillyLou’s 5 Top Tips for Self Care.

This week we are very excited to introduce you to TillyLou, founder of The Buttafly and one of our brilliant Yoga Stops Traffick 2021 partners! The Buttafly is an 3-in-1 ergonomic yoga block, meditation seat and a unique treatment aid for the spine. 

Designed by Physiotherapist & yoga teacher TillyLou James, the wedge-shape and fluid curves are designed to fit around your body helping challenging poses become more accessible to you.

TillyLou’s own journey started with a fracture to the base of her spine, her personal experience and professional background mean she is passionate about helping others reap the rewards of a safe and fulfilling practice.

We asked TillyLou for her top tips for remaining positive and happy:

Morning prayer On getting up, I light a candle and pray to the God of my understanding:
“This candle I have lit 
May it be Light, from you to guide me through difficulties and decisions. May it be Fire, from you to burn up my selfishness, my pride, and all that is impure within me
May it be Flame, from you to warm my heart and teach me Love
This candle is a little piece of me I offer to you in this day
Help me to hold my prayer throughout the day”

The words are taken from a prayer by St Francis I think – I found a copy in Romsey Abbey a long time ago and have used it pretty much every day since!

Fresh air and nature I’m so lucky to live on the edge of the New Forest and close to the coast. A quick weather check first thing in the morning determines whether I head off for a brisk Nordic walk and yoga on the beach, or jump on my bike. I have a circular route that will take me by wide, open spaces where New Forest ponies like to graze, and are lush with blackberry bushes – great for late summer foraging.

Yoga This last year especially, I’ve found it helpful to move away from a prescriptive practice and enjoy doing whatever takes my fancy. I use the Buttafly every day because I find it helps keep my posture in check, and sometimes I do my yoga on a rebounder instead of my mat. It’s a very mindful practice even though the purist in me wonders if it’s “good enough”… Part of being kind and gentle to myself has been to let go of ‘shoulds’! 

Kirtan Singing has been a huge feature of lockdown. I’ve found that listening to the same few albums online, with the chants in a classic call-response format has provided real solace – it really feels as if I am among friends.

Laughing Out loud! At little things, big things, at myself, with friends and loved ones. Even as I write this, I find my mouth forming a gentle smile. It’s enough to release those vital neuropeptides and neurotransmitters. I took a workshop with Max Strom once, he said relax… your face… for the rest of your life… It works!

You can find out more details on The Buttafly at https://thebuttafly.com/

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