Anne Lise’s 5 Top Tips for Self Care

Anne Lise’s 5 Top Tips for Self Care.

Tøyenstaesj are a small Norwegian brand, based in Oslo, Norway. They produce beautiful and colourful straps for yoga mats.

Founder Anne Lise has a great passion for yoga and needlework and so in 2020 she created a platform where she could combine the two.

We asked her for her top five tips on staying grounded, happy and healthy.

‘Self care can represent different things for me. Enjoying a great meditation or a yoga session. Or breaking a bad habit, or change of mindset. It can be wonderful, but it can also be hard. 

Here are my top 5 self care tips:


Yoga gives me energy! It brings energy to both my body and my soul. 

Long walks outside. 

I believe that fresh air is good for clearing out and resetting the mind. Where I live, it can be up to -10 to -15 degrees in the wintertime, and that make me feel so refreshed after a long walk!

Creating something. 

I love to create! Handcrafts, knitting, painting – you name it. It gives me the best feeling.

Breaking bad habits. 

Breaking a bad habit is hard at the beginning, but I always thank my self when I have done some calibrations!


I love to take short power naps during the daytime. It make me feel refreshed and gives me new energy to work through the day.’

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