Annika’s 5 Top Tips for Self-Care

We are delighted to have Pawpawyogawear supporting Yoga Stops Traffick 2021 and this week’s spotlight is on the wonderful Annika, the brains and creative behind the brand.

Pawpawyogawear was born when Annika couldn’t find clothes that gave her the perfect comfort and fit during her yoga teacher training. Annika decided to find her own solution and now creates clothes that equally look and feel beautiful to wear.

From her office underneath the stairs, Annika creates gorgeous designs that are also made with the future of our planet in mind.

Doing and feeling good are central to Pawpawyogawear and Annika’s approach to life. Read on for her 5 top tips for self-care to help you feel and be your best self!

1. Spending time with people that make me smile and feel good about myself. If I can. 

2. If that is hard to do, I spend time with my dogs. They always make me feel good. That never fails.

3. Eat well and sleep well. Going back to basics. Taking care of my body is taking care of my mind. They are attached, you know?

4. Do yoga. 

5. Being nice to people around me. If I´m nice, I feel better. And if people are nice to me, I feel good. So, it works both ways. 

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