Emma’s 5 Top Tips for Self Care

We are very grateful to partner with some truly wonderful and likeminded businesses for Yoga Stops Traffick 2021. Over the next few months we would love to introduce you to the people behind the brands! Our partners have kindly shared their top self-care practices that help keep them feeling well, happy and grounded.

This week we are delighted to introduce Emma Catto from Breathe Yoga and Pilates. Breathe was founded by Robin and Emma Catto in 2000 and since then have been sending highly qualified, fully insured yoga and Pilates teachers to clients across London. They believe in providing a personal bespoke service, always taking a flexible approach to ability, schedule and personal needs.

You can find out more about Breathe Yoga and Pilates here.

And now, over to Emma…enjoy!

Emma’s 5 top tips for self-care:

When I think of looking after myself, I think of all the things I love and that make me feel good. I don’t mean just make me feel good for that moment but leave a glow, give me a recharge, and help me feel more in balance. They nourish me and energise or relax me depending on which I need most.

1 Beautiful intense sweet bitter fine dark chocolate – just a square or two

I have a huge sweet tooth but if I gorge, I just feel queasy. It’s taken me years and years to just have a little at a time, to suck and savour.

2 Yoga of course

But yoga that will nourish me or energise me depending on my energy and what’s going on in my life. Like chocolate, each posture can be savoured and given the time it needs. Whether to realign my aching limbs or explore my body breathing.

3 Meditation

This is like brushing my teeth and sets me up for my day and my evening. But again, if I’m really tired, I may choose to meditate a little less or a little later and sleep a little more. If my mind is very busy, I may listen to a guided meditation to help it quieten.

4 Wild swimming

Whether a cooling relief in summer or a sense-heightening numbness in winter, wild swimming catapults me into the moment and keeps me in touch with our beautiful Earth.

5 Being creative

For me this can be drawing, painting or even writing a blog. Sometimes I love what I’ve created, sometimes it goes straight into the bin, and sometimes I leave it to rework and recreate later. However, giving myself the time to learn something that will never be my job, to be absorbed and to create freely without worrying about the end result, is immensely rewarding and soothing for my soul.

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