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Our spotlight sponsor today is the marvellous Seona Robinson from ecoYoga Ltd.

Taking initial inspiration from Henryk Skolimovski’s book “EcoYoga: Practice & meditations for walking in beauty on the Earth” ecoYoga ltd has been making eco-friendly yoga mats since 2003. 

Based in Edinburgh, the company designs mats made from 100% natural rubber and woven jute and are the first of their kind. Using only natural, raw materials the mats are sustainable, super grippy and beautiful to boot!
Further information about ecoYoga and how to order your very own mat can be found here:


Seona clearly has an affinity with the earth and a true respect for environmental considerations. Its a real pleasure to have her as one of our 2020 campaign sponsors…

Why has your company chosen to support our global campaign Yoga Stops Traffick?

The compassionate, sincere and selfless dedication of the Odanadi Seva Trust is life affirming.
 As ones practice deepens, hopefully so too does a connection to an essence of nurture and acceptance of oneself and others. If this is yoga, as I believe it is, it makes yogic sense to partake in Yoga Stops Traffick and help raise awareness and funds for the work of the Trust.

What is your role within the company?

My role is multi-verse. Ultimately I see it as maintaining integrity. The idea for the mats emerged during the 1990s when there was very little availability of something made from natural resources. The father of a colleague introduced him to Henryk Skolimovski’s book Ecoyoga: Practices and Meditations for Walking in Beauty on the Earth, first published in 1994 but out of print by 2001. This motivated us to create and name a company ecoYoga and have the book published again. The design of the mat I came upon whilst visiting factories and seeing what was possible.

What does your typical ‘work day’ look like?

After my own yoga practice I attend emails and phone calls, enquiries, sales and requests to ponder upon. I ponder a lot! There is constant admin. Often I have materials sent to me from the factory to inspect, or large rolls of material to prepare and hold as in-house stock. I may need to dispatch orders, create adverts or do accounts.

How did you come to the practice of yoga?

My grandmother started yoga in the 1960s and I went to her classes when I was 16. After I graduated from art school in 1995 I began training in South Indian classical dance and my teacher said I needed to have yoga as a complimentary practice. I started daily practice from that time training with her, then her husband; and whenever I went to India I practiced at a local school.

What impact has regular yoga had on your mind & body?

A morning practice is now integral in my life and part of who I am. When I have been in phases of stress or grief it is my place of support, for it grounds me and calms my central nervous system. It is only when I don’t practice I realise how profound an affect it has on my life.

Which is your favourite yoga pose?

I have no favourite. I gave up that notion many years ago when I realised not liking an asana was an indication of needing to address a physical or emotional matter. I now am grateful for the poses that highlight an issue for me, which can be different from day to day.

How else do you practice ‘self care’ in your life?

I keep a garden and grow my own fruits and vegetables. This provides a lot of exercise as well as a mindful education in climate, agriculture and seasonal nutrition. I cycle and still dance from time to time.

Who/What has been your biggest inspiration?

No one thing but my bharatanatyam dance training played a deep and enduring role. On a specific level, and to this day, the concept of Ardhanarishvara inspires me to seek and see balance and harmony in everything.

What do you think is the biggest issue facing the global yoga community?

A global community indeed! Which is wonderful – I wonder that wisdom has lost its place over commercialism? There is a mass of newly, and by all accounts under-qualified, teachers out there. Trying to navigate must be difficult for those new to a practice.

What’s on the horizon for your company?

Since I work solo I keep to a very simple form that I can manage. As long as I have a factory that I have good relationship with, and they have skill, I will keep going as I am now. With my interest in ecological and environmental fabrics I always have my creative radar on.

What message would you like to give to everyone taking part in Yoga Stops Traffick 2020?

In h a l e … ex h a l e …

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