STORIES FROM THE FIELD- Odanadi’s successful anti-trafficking raid in Mysore, India

Stories From the Field: Odanadi’s successful anti-trafficking raid in Mysore, India

Our project partner, the Odanadi Seva Trust recently conducted a successful raid on 30th October 2019. This resulted in rescuing victims, capturing traffickers and the facilitator of a major trafficking ring known as Babanna who had helped orchestrate illegal trafficking across India for over a decade.

The team at Odanadi was also able to identify numerous hideouts and dungeons in numerous brothels in Karnataka. Babanna was a well-known facilitator of trafficking in India and orchestrated the trafficking of thousands of girls, forcing them to stay in terrible conditions, often trapped in holes within the walls of various hideouts. Babanna specialised in designing constructions that would hide captured girls in ‘holes within walls’ and used ‘Vasthu’ (Indian tradition of construction) to protect the business of the traffickers and often charged approximately 1.5 lakh rupees per construction. Many girls would be hidden within tabletops, TV shelves, drainage pits, showcases, tiled walls and toilets at resorts, lodges, and homestays.

As a result of the successful raid, Odanadi has submitted a report to the Chief Minister of Karnataka and the State Commission of Human Rights (SHRC). The SHRC has recommended that the police department introduce a special police force to trace other hideouts in hospitality venues. This will be invaluable in helping Odanadi continue their work in ending the trafficking of girls.

We are extremely proud of our partners at Odanadi who have been able to rescue thousands of girls through their work in tackling trafficking of children in India.

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