YST key partners – ecoYoga

Yoga Stops Traffick is proud to announce a new partnership with the ecological yoga mat company ecoYoga, who have signed up as one of the key sponsors for Yoga Stops Traffick 2019.

The ecoYoga jute mats are are a welcome sustainable alternative to PVC mats, cited as ‘functional, natural, mindful product with the intention to serve and enhance your yoga practice’.

The ecoYoga CEO, Seona Robinson, is committed to supporting survivors of trafficking in India through Yoga Stops Traffick:

“Yoga has very much become a personal endeavour throughout the world. With grace it can ultimately open your heart to the dis-ease way beyond the physicality.Such is the work of Yoga Stops Traffick who positively and integrally engage in a dire situation providing the essence of what it means to practice yoga: Acceptance and nurture.” 

We want to extend our heartfelt thank you to ecoYoga for the partnership and look forward to working with this likeminded ethical business.


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