Yoga Stops Traffick is organised and run by a small UK charity called Adventure Ashram (charity no: 1122629). Adventure Ashram supports local grassroots organisations in India, focusing on anti-trafficking and accessible education & healthcare. The profits raised from the Yoga Stops Traffick events are channeled to help prevent human trafficking in India, and to rescue and rehabilitate its victims.* 

Your donations can help to fund:

  • £20 = one month’s training for a survivor in the bakery or beautician training centre
  • £500 = food supplies to support 100 survivors for 2 weeks
  • £1,000 = cycle expedition in a year, for girls
  • £2, 000 = excursion for the survivors


If you are UK based and would like to make a bank transfer, please get in touch.

*Our campaign and administrative costs as a small charity are minimal. We use a small percentage of the funds raised to cover the cost of running the campaign and generating further funds for the anti-trafficking cause. If you would like to learn more about the costs involved please do not hesitate to contact us.

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